When Opportunity Comes 高三英语作文

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Opportunity is one of the main factors that brings people success. Some people complain that they never have the chance as the successful people have, so it see

When Opportunity Comes 高三英语作文机遇是带给人们成功的主要因素之一。有些人抱怨他们从来没有像成功人士那样的机会,所以它看到了

ms that life is unfair to them. Actually, as the saying that opportunity is given to the person who has already prepared. If the person is not equipped with skills, even the chance comes, what he can do is to say no. In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, the protagonist lives the very hard life. His son and he even have no place to live, but when he receives the chance to be an intern, even though the chance is really rare, he tries. His insistence helps him to defeat his competitors. He becomes the only one to get the job. So stop complaining about lacking chance. It is better to improve yourself.



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